GONE for a long run

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Perfect for carrying your phone while running or lifting weights.

Kippo pockets are secure and make your phone easy to grab. No need for a running belt or armband.

  • Phone pockets on both sides.

  • Get rid of the bounce.


Made for takeoffs and landings.
Shorts and joggers with phone pockets.

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Function and fashion take flight.
Featuring fast-dry fabric.

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Elevating Style and Function

Love these shorts. Great fabric. Breathable and stretchy. Wear them everywhere not just for workouts. I mow my lawn exclusively in Kippos. My phone is secure so I don't worry about the bumps that previously shook my phone from my shorts and required me to jump from my mower in panic while I searched the lawn.

Cody M. | Kansas City, MO

Kippo shorts are the single most essential piece of workout gear I own. They’re comfortable, durable, and the pockets keep my phone from flopping around and falling out.

Alex K. | Boston, MA

A simple thing I really liked was how easy it was to access my phone when I needed it. No zippers or awkward pocket linings to deal with. I have a silicon case on my phone, so with other athletic shorts or jacket pockets, pulling out the phone tends to also pull out the entire pocket every time.

Michael M. | San Francisco, CA

I never used to listen to music while deadlifting or bench pressing. Kippo shorts positioned the phone perfectly on my hip while deadlifting, eliminating the old worry of smashing my phone with the bar. Using Kippo shorts on the treadmill was a breeze too. My phone was secure and accessible for changing music.

Craig A. | Columbia, MO

made in chicago usa

Built two miles from Midway Airport
in Chicago, Illinois.


secure pockets

Holds tight your smartphone
and valuables.


Made in Chicago USA

Our made in Chicago performance apparel solves problems for people who run or workout with a phone.

Unlike overseas conglomerates that carve out clothing under secretive conditions, our team of Chicago workers create small-batch Kippo garments in a bright and safe environment. We care about people and only craft our products in places that share our values.

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  • Headquartered in Bentonville, AR.
  • Made near Midway in Chicago, USA.

Airspeed Collection

Introducing the all-new Airspeed Collection.

It’s the most versatile and comfortable performance apparel you’ll own. Featuring phone pockets, signature details, and a stylish fit.

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Being a Kippo Customer

We are committed to first-class service and a make-it-right philosophy.

If something happens, we will make it right. And if you’re one of thousands of happy customers who’ve purchased Kippo products, thank you for your continued support.

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