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Introducing the first Made in USA apparel designed for workouts with a smartphone.

Those ugly armbands don't feel natural. Holding your phone is a hassle. Running belts aren't any better because accessing your phone is such a pain. Kippo apparel features pockets seamlessly integrated into premium apparel to make workouts with your smartphone better. Our pockets keep your device secure and accessible so you can run, jump, lift and forget about your phone until you need it. Listen to music, use GPS tracking, stay connected, and have your phone at your side.

Armbands are awful.

Ditch that bicep witch. Armbands suck because they slip, cut off circulation, and hold your phone hostage by preventing easy access.

Belts are bad.

Running belts bounce and shift. They're glorified fanny packs that rub you in the wrong way and it's one more thing to remember.

Bras hold enough.

Lots of ladies shove their phone inside their bra because they want access to their device. To all those women, we say welcome to a whole new world.

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"It's not good enough to only secure your phone. You also need to be able to grab it quickly."

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What people are saying about Kippo!

Catherine S.

"When I go running, I always carry my phone so my kids and my husband can get ahold of me. Kippo leggings are soft and durable and the pockets conceal my phone to the point I forget it's even there."

Ulla D.

"Last summer I was hiking Black Tusk in Canada and I had to give my phone to my friend who was wearing Kippo capris because I didn't have any place to put my iPhone. That was it, I had to have some!"

Diana A.

"Don't go another day without ordering Kippo capris or leggings. My normal leggings don't have any usable pockets, so I end up shoving my phone in my waistband, which is not ideal."

Craig A.

"I never used to listen to music while deadlifting or bench pressing. Kippo shorts positioned the phone perfectly on my hip while deadlifting, eliminating the old worry of smashing my phone with the bar. Using Kippo shorts on the treadmill was a breeze too. My phone was secure and accessible for changing music."

Michael M.

"...a simple thing I really liked was how easy it was to access my phone when I needed it. No zippers or awkward pocket linings to deal with. I have a silicon case on my phone, so with other athletic shorts or jacket pockets, pulling out the phone tends to also pull out the entire pocket every time."

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