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Two miles from Midway Airport, in the flight path of machines that have inspired centuries of dreamers, we make premium Kippo apparel.

Inside our small factory we imagine ideas, design, cut, and sew. Our team cares. Each detail is considered and every garment is crafted with pride. We care about people and only manufacture Kippo products in places that share our values.

More than ever, customers care where their
goods are made. We do too. At Kippo, people always come first.

Mark Kinsley | founder

Ethical Manufacturing

Unlike overseas factories that carve out massive amounts of clothing in unknown conditions, our team of workers makes Kippo products in an open and safe environment.

Outsourcing may be fine for some companies, but that doesn't align with our values. End-to-end production takes place in our Chicago factory. We create patterns, develop prototypes, use advanced cutting machinery, and then all garments are sewn by hand.

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