About us

Kippo designs and manufactures performance apparel in the USA. We are headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas and our factory is located in Chicago, Illinois. Here are a few things we believe.

We believe being together is better.

We believe in lifting each other up.

We believe in treating our customers like kings and queens.

We believe dogs are the best.

We believe made in USA matters.

Kippo is built around what we believe. We believe in solving problems with style. We believe life is better lived with people who share your values. We believe you show your values through your actions. We believe in taking care of people. We believe a perfect day is created when you do something for someone who can never repay you.

If you believe something similar, we're glad you're here.

products and people

Well made performance apparel built in Chicago USA. Created for people who want premium products that solve problems.

Our garments are made two miles from Midway Airport in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America.

Kippo apparel is for customers who care about bench-made goods. It's for those who want to know where their clothes come from. It's for people who care about people.

Our story started when we set out to solve a problem. Carrying a phone during workouts was a hassle. Kippo pockets deliver a bounce-free experience. Our apparel solves problems while elevating fit, function, and style.

Bentonville based

Kippo is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas.

In a small city situated in the Northwest corner of the Natural State, there’s a thriving biking, running, adventure, and aviation scene. It’s the perfect place for a brand that believes in living an active life

On a sunny day, you can visit Thaden Fieldhouse or sit on the patio at Pedaler’s Pub to watch Cessnas hover overhead as students earn hours toward their pilot’s license.

You might see a chopper with bike cages taking off for a backcountry adventure. VBT airport gives pilots access to more than 65 grass strips located in the Ozark Mountain backcountry. Through flight, mountain bikers and hikers are finding barely-touched terrain. Fishermen are toting fly rods to streams teaming with trout. Pilots are saying goodbye to $100 hamburgers and opting to fish for dinner on the White River.

If you visit Bentonville for your next adventure, let us know. We’ll take you for a ride or a run.