Kippo Fit Guide



Men's Kippo-Fit

It feels good when your clothes fit. Kippo men's shorts feature a modern design that's stylish and functional. When we created Kippo shorts, we wanted to abandon blousy basketball shorts for a look that complements modern athletes. Don't worry, you can still ball with Kippo shorts (and you'll be the only one who doesn't have to toss your phone on the bleachers). 

What Size Should I Choose?

Do you wear your shorts around your hips? If so, measure around your hips to get your size. Keep in mind, Kippo shorts feature a drawstring for extra comfort and support.  

How Long is the Inseam?

The inseam is 8-inches. For many people, that means the bottom of the shorts will fall just above the knees. 

Will My Phone Fit? 

Most likely your phone will fit. Kippo shorts are designed for the iPhone 6/7, Samsung Galaxy S5 and similar size smartphones. Check out the FAQ page to learn more about how larger phones will interact. We've also tested extensively with smaller devices like the iPhone 5S and it works great.