Kippo Shorts Films from the founder

Ep. 1: The Dogs (and Mark) Need to Keep Training 

In this debut Kippo Short (film), founder Mark Kinsley goes from CrossFit workout to dog training. The dogs and Mark are all making progress...slowly. 


Ep. 2: Former Top 100 Decathlete Takes Mark Cycling 

On a humid Sunday morning, Mark went cycling with his friend Grant, a former top ranked decathlete. To recover, Mark got a hair cut. 


Ep. 3: Pete and Buster Celebrate Their 7th Birthdays

Buster and Pete are celebrating their birthday while Mark is hitting his previous PR on dead lift...after a few tries.


Ep. 4: Sleep is the Secret to Human Performance 

Good sleep gives you a performance advantage. It's no secret that everyone feels better when they're rested, but there's more to the story of what it takes to rest well. Also, Mark finds out that sometimes it works and sometimes..


Ep. 5: How Do Morning Workouts Affect Your Mood 

In a wet weather attempt to reduce that afternoon drop-off, Mark decides to switch to morning workouts. How does it affect his day?


Ep. 6: How to Pack for a Hiking Trip to Canada 

Mark and Tara are heading to Canada for a hiking trip. In this Kippo Short, get ready for a healthy hat game and some pro-packing tips.


Ep. 8: Hiking with a Canadian Baby On My Back

While in Canada on a hiking trip, a stranger asked Mark to carry her baby to the top of the mountain.


Ep. 9: This Sunburn Won't Keep Me From Stapleton

After returning from a hiking trip to Canada, Mark is feeling the residual effects of that high-altitude sunshine. There's only one cure: a Chris Stapleton concert.


Ep. 7: She Got Hangry Traveling to Vancouver

Tara and Mark are travelling to British Columbia, Canada for some hiking. En route, hunger turns to mild anger as they try to find some tacos at O'Hare Airport.


Ep. 10: One Night in Portland, Maine 

Mark heads to Portland, Maine where he watches Mosart Nunez spin, enjoys salsa dancing, and shares some island hopping tips.


Ep. 11: There's a Reason for This 

Thanks to Mark getting robbed in San Francisco, this week's Kippo Short is a bit different.


Ep. 12: Getting Ready for a Race Through Arkansas 

On this week's Kippo Short, it's time to pack up and get ready for the Outback in the Ozarks race.


Ep. 13: After the Big Race


Ep. 14: Wicked Update

Mark discovers some personal art at a local gallery as the team prepares to launch the women’s line.


Ep. 15: Tara's Rules for the Holiday Season

In this fireside chat, the Kinsleys prepare for the women's line launch, Tara shows off her Christmas trees, and shares her rules for the holiday season. And of course, Buster and Pete make an appearance.


Ep. 16: This Angel Needs Her Wings Fixed 

An angel passed down through the family gets a little help. 


Ep. 17: Dog's Life at a Photo Shoot

While Tara is busy showing off the new women's line, Pete and Buster hang out with Greg the photographer.


Ep. 18: Outback in the Ozarks 2017: A Short Film 

Find out what it's like to run an adventure race through the hills of Northwest Arkansas. In this Kippo short, Mark Kinsley and his Outback in the Ozarks teammates endure nearly 36-hours of team running along rocky terrain, single track trail, highways, and gravel roads. Outback in the Ozarks is a team running relay that goes through the Ozark Mountains and five State Parks.


Ep. 19: Biking in Boston in a Michael Jordan Jersey 

What happens when Mark bikes around Boston in a Michael Jordan jersey? Join Jake, Jason, and Mark as they hit up Saint Anthony's Feast and chow down on the world's greatest cannoli from Mike's Pastry.


Ep. 20: Big News About Pete on the Podcast

Pete was diagnosed with cancer. His treatments are going well and he's in excellent spirits. During the Off the Top podcast, hosted by Doug Stewart and Mark Kinsley, they discuss the latest details.

We wanted to share the news about Pete so, if you'd like, you can send prayers and good vibes his way.


Ep. 21: The Only Reason I got a Piano

Mark bought a piano to learn one song, "Somebody to love by Queen." Tara's gift will change all that. Mark also ponders 2018 and has advice on how to delay the start of a new year, but also put yourself on a good path.