Will my phone fit?

Most likely your phone will fit. The Kippo pocket is designed for the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5/4/3 and devices of a similar size. If you have a bulky case, you should be okay, but standard cases fit best. Also, our founder still has an iPhone 5s and it works great with Kippo shorts. Keep reading if you carry a larger phablet-style smartphone.


Is my iPhone 6 Plus (or other phablet) going to fit?

Yes. It’s going to be tight, but most phablets like the iPhone 6 Plus will fit, as long as it doesn’t have a bulky case. Kippo shorts are not designed for phablets, so the functionality will be different. The phablet will probably peak out the top of the pocket, but the odds are good Kippo shorts will keep your device secure (and accessible). The shorts are designed specifically for the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5/4/3 and similar sized phones. 

Why do I look so good in Kippo shorts?

You're an attractive person. Some have called you Greek god-ish. Kippo shorts don't make you look good. You make them look good. All we did is cut them just above the knee so the world has a clear view of your thigh muscles. You're welcome world. 


Why is there only one regular pocket?

Kippo shorts only feature one standard (inset) pocket because it’s easy to unconsciously fall into the old habit of putting your phone where you’ve always placed it. By not having a regular pocket, you’ll develop new muscle memory and train yourself to use the Kippo pocket, thereby changing your workout, which gives you that boost you need to continue changing the world.


Where are your women’s shorts?

At the moment, they don’t exist. Tara’s been asking Mark to make them from day one and he promised to make it happen as soon as possible. Sign up for the email list and we’ll let you know when Mark fulfills his promise and removes himself from thin ice.


Are Kippo shorts made in the United States of America?

You bet. We make Kippo shorts in Los Angeles, California. We believe in the American dream. The apparel industry is making a comeback in America and we’re proud to be part of a movement that is supporting families, jobs, communities, and our economy.


What should I do with my headphones cord?

Most people thread their headphones cord inside their shirt. This keeps it out of the way when running and lifting.


What does it feel like to run with my phone inside Kippo shorts?

It feels like you’re running nude. Just kidding. Odds are good you won’t even feel your phone. Kippo shorts’ hip pocket virtually eliminates swing and sway. If you’re a trail runner who needs to clear obstacles, your phone won’t jostle around. It’ll stay inside, tight and secure. When you need to change music or check your progress on RunKeeper just pop it out.


What type of fabric is that?

It’s called Ponti De Roma. For Kippo shorts we used a durable, functional, free-moving medium-weight material. It feels soft against the skin and moves with your body. Unlike some silky, flowing materials, ours doesn’t highlight a man’s special curves. The shorts feel tailored and structured while delivering superior mobility.


Are you going to make pants?

Yes, at some point we’d like to offer pants. We feel it’s important to do one thing well and that’s why we’re focusing on shorts. Andy Dunn said it best, “You don’t start with the right to do product two. You earn it.” We are working to earn the right to make Kippo pants and more.

What size should I buy?

Check out our Fit Guide to get a better idea about what size to buy. If you're on the fence, typically we recommend sizing down because the weight of some phones can cause downward movement. We don't want you losing your britches...unless you're doing it on purpose.