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Kippo's Story | Kickstarter Video

Have you ever dropped your device at the gym? Or had to tuck it inside your underwear to keep it from flopping around on a run? Our founder, Mark Kinsley, had the same problem. He couldn't find a solution that offered security and accessibility, so he set out to create a better experience for people who workout with a smartphone.  

About Kippo Shorts

Patent-pending Kippo shorts feature a distinct smartphone pocket that is 100% secure and accessible. Armbands and underwear can hold your device, but only Kippo shorts create easy access to your smartphone. Kippo shorts are designed and built in the United States of America. 

Launched on Kickstarter

On March 24, 2015 Kippo launched on Kickstarter. Within one hour the project was named a Kickstarter Staff Pick and on the 20th day reached the full $50,000 funding goal. At the close of the project 928 backers brought Kippo to life, raising $64,563. That initial funding created more than 1,200 pairs of shorts (freeing a small portion of the population from onerous, clunky armbands).   

About Mark Kinsley

Born in a small town in Kansas, Mark Kinsley didn't own his first cell phone until he was 18-years-old. It was a Nokia with a faux-woodgrain faceplate. Primo at the time. Service was spotty, but the magnetic antenna he stuck to the top of his Civic helped suck a better signal into the wheat fields. Sometime after graduating from the Nokia he earned a master's degree in communication, worked in ad agencies, and began handling marketing for a Fortune 500 company. At Disney Land he once got into a handshake-crushing contest with Morgan Spurlock and in Chicago Bonnie Hunt accused him of grabbing her rear-end. Today, Mark has an iPhone 6S, no car antenna, a more-than-wonderful wife, and a handsome Boxer named Buster. He thinks Sinatra, tacos, and ginger beer make for a great evening. Find him on Twitter by connecting with @MarkKinsley.  


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