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Leggings with Phone Pockets

Made in USA Workout Leggings

Women's leggings with two built-in phone pockets. Zipper pocket on the back. Designed to hold your phone while running or lifting weights. Featuring fast-drying, easy moving fabric.

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The Leggings with Phone Pockets

It's time to stop shoving your phone in your bra. No more iPhone in the waistband. Kippo capris and leggings have two phone pockets, plus a zipper pocket. Made with love in Chicago, IL, USA.


  • + 3 pockets total.
  • + Phone pockets on both sides, zipper pocket on the back.
  • + Fits up to iPhone Plus size devices in standard cases.
  • + Premium blend Nylon/Spandex fabric.


Kippo customers tell
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Great fit, very comfortable, very flattering! Normally chose a medium but was advised to size down, perfect. I am 5’6” and 130 lbs.

Julie H. | verified buyer

Amazing product. Very happy with my latest purchase. Nothing like Made in the USA and being from Chicago where Kippo is produced is very nice to support a local product.

Angle H. | verified buyer