All-American Joggers
All-American Joggers
All-American Joggers
All-American Joggers
All-American Joggers
All-American Joggers
All-American Joggers
All-American Joggers
All-American Joggers
All-American Joggers
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All-American Joggers

Men's joggers with phone pockets

Kippo All-American joggers with phone pockets keep your device secure, bounce-free, and easy to grab. Our sustainable, soft fabric features heat moving Tencel fibers and the perfect amount of stretch.

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Kippo Jogger Story

The phone pockets you love now in a 21st century jogger. Zipper legs. Four pockets, two sized for phones. Soft and stretchy. Made in Chicago USA.


  • + Eliminate phone bounce with our built-in secure phone pockets
  • + Four pockets. Two phone pockets, two standard pockets
  • + Made for running, workouts, and around town
  • + Sustainable, futurist fabric moves moisture outside for evaporation
  • + Americana locker loop for storage

Dryten™ Fabric

Comfortable, sustainable, and naturally limits odors.

Our futuristic fabric blend is soft and stretchy. Through a combination of fiber selection and directional looping, Kippo's Dryten™ fabric moves moisture to the exterior where it evaporates. Like magic. Truly chemical-free moisture management, our joggers are built with Drysil Poly® and Tencel® yarns. It's a no-additive, chemical-free, sustainable yarn that cares about the environment.

Dries 22% Faster

DrySil® dries 22% faster than 80/20 blend polyester-cotton. Look at other fabrics and you’ll find most apply chemical additives to achieve the same effect. Chemicals wash off and lose their effectiveness. We use no additives.

30% Cooler Joggers

Our All-American blend is 30% more breathable than 80/20 poly-cotton blends. Save your hot pants for Saturday night. Kippo airflow fabric keeps your pants cool.

Tencel® Yarn from Wood Pulp

Spun from fibers found in sustainable eucalyptus wood pulp. Tencel is an eco-friendly high-performance yarn.

Certified Sustainable

The closed-loop method for harvesting our wood pulp is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and recognized by the European Union as both safe and sustainable. Our Tencel yarn has also been certified by the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 through an exhaustive testing, auditing, and certification system for environmentally friendly textiles.


Kippo customers tell our story best.

I've had previous versions of the Kippo shorts and these new versions are my favorite yet. Lighter weight while retaining all of what makes the Kippo shorts unique.

Greg P. | verified buyer

5 stars. Love my Kippo shorts. New material is exceptional.
They fit perfectly and the phone pocket is spot on.
Highly recommend for multiple work out regimes.

Ron c. | verified buyer