You Gotta Stretch

I see you walking out of spin class, CrossFit, and HITT early and skipping the stretching. First of all, you look like a jerk. If someone is taking their time to teach a class and you are paying for it, stay for the whole damn thing.

Secondly, you are going to ruin your body. I am not exaggerating. You might be fine today, or even next year, but if you plan on being mobile for the majority of your life, you’d better stretch. I am not threatening you, I am promising you that skipping stretching will harm your body.

It starts gradually. You feel stiff after a flight, you have a small twinge in your back, your knee starts to have a slight pain after long runs. This is because you are not stretching. And the things that are small today can snowball.

If you don’t believe me, try stretching for 10 minutes a day for seven days, preferably after you have worked out, and your body is warm.

You will feel better. And for the love, stop walking out of class early.#gonnagetit

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  • Very true, had a hammy strain after 15 years of 400 mile/year running. It side lined me nearly for 6 months. And still leave me vulnerable.
    Good advice, needs to be taken more seriously!


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