Who do you think will win?

Mark and I are in the middle of the Bentonville race series. The longest event, a half marathon, is coming up on Saturday.

And I have GREAT NEWS… I think I might beat him.

I am not 100% confident, but i’m sitting at about 87% certainty.

Mark and I were in Nashville last weekend and needed to do a long training run. We ran 10 miles (Nashville has great urban trails, by the way). Mark chose the route and we got up Friday morning and started our run. The first couple of miles, I had a view of his back but somewhere around mile five the tables turned. I was feeling good. When we finished mile seven I shouted back at Mark, “Only a 5K left!”, and smiled as he grimaced at me.

Mark is a fairly fast runner. When he’s trained up, he can run sub-eight minute miles for miles in a row. I am not that fast. But mind over matter is my mantra for our half marathon on Saturday.

I’m coming for him with all I’ve got! #gonnagetit

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