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The Unexpected Magic of a Holiday Tradition

Tomorrow night I am having my 9th annual cookie party. It's a party where you bring two dozen of your favorite holiday cookies and when you leave, you take home a sample of every cookie. 

It's one of my favorite holiday traditions. Not because I love cookies, I actually prefer chips and salsa over anything sweet. Not because I always make a delicious holiday cocktail either. I love my cookies and cocktail party because when I look back at almost a decade of hosting this party, my heart is so full of wonderful, meaningful memories with women I am so blessed to have had or have in my life. 

One year I decided to invite all my friend's children. I had a table set up for them in the kitchen and Christmas music was playing in the background. When the song "Let it Snow" from the movie Frozen came on, eight little girls started singing in unison at the top of their lungs. It was adorable. 

One year my mom was in town and so was my cousin. My grandmother, my mother, my mom's twin sister, my cousin, my cousin's daughters, and my sister were all at the cookie party. Four generations of women in my family in the same place at the same time. That memory is very special. 

One year, when I was teaching, all the ladies in my department were at the cookie party. We were a very close group. One of the ladies disclosed to us that she had stage four breast cancer. That night we sat in my living room eating cookies, drinking wine, crying and laughing until the wee hours of the morning. 

The cool thing about doing the same thing every year is that it is never the same but it is always awesome. Scheduling the time and creating space for traditions is an amazing way to guarantee memories full of love. 

Cheers to traditions this holiday season. May you savor the old ones and create new ones. #gonnagetit 

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