Treadmill Runner Gone Rogue

April showers bring May flowers, but in my neck of the woods it’s more like February and March rain, snow, and ice bring May flowers. Sometimes we get lucky and get April flowers.

By now the rain (or snow or ice) is starting to wear on me and working out inside is becoming miserable. But, when I began running, about 10 years ago, you could not pay me to run outside. We bought a treadmill, much to Mark’s protest, and that is when I fell in love with running. I started by running one minute, walking two minutes. Then the minutes turned into quarter miles, ½ miles, and full miles. Soon, I was running three miles at a time. I was proud. It felt like such an accomplishment, and it was.

After running on my treadmill consistently for about four years, I signed up for my first race. A 10K. I already knew I could run three miles, so I skipped over the traditional beginner 5K.

The race was in mid April and it was a beautiful day. A bit cool, but sunny. Being around all the runners was exhilarating. I bolted across the starting line with excitement and energy. As the miles ticked by, the run got harder, and harder, and harder still. While I had trained for my 10K, I had only trained on my treadmill. Running outside was a whole different animal.

I ran the entire race, not stopping to walk once. Mark and Buster were waiting for me at the finish line with a brand new ipod nano as a congratulatory gift. I was proud to have run my first race,however; I realized that if I was going to do anything like this again, I would need to start running outside.

It was a game changer. I am a stronger runner, I can exercise anywhere I travel, and running outdoors is an amazing way to experience and explore cities and towns. I love being outside in the sun with my feet pounding the pavement.

What I don’t love is running in the rain, or the ice, or the snow. I know there are some crazies out there who will brave the elements, but I prefer not to. So, to all my fair weather (literally) running friends out there… I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our day will be back soon. Until then, don’t stop running… even if it is on a treadmill. #gonnagetit

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