The Magic of Product No. 2


Sitting on my desk is an old SHARP calculator. It’s one of those with a small solar panel and a red C button. If you stop to think, it’s a wonder that ideas turn to reality. A person imagined that calculator and brought all the parts and pieces together. Some team sourced the metals, plastics, non-slip rubber pads, and even that red C button to create a useful tool.

Often I find myself marveling at products because, on some small scale, I understand the steps that go into an original design. If you’ve imagined then manufactured a product, you understand the wonder of bringing ideas to life.

As you may know, we overhauled the design of Kippo shorts. It’s our second product. The fact that we have a second product means we are on to something. People like the new experience we’ve created.

Reflecting on this milestone, the birth of product number two is magical because Kippo is no longer a creation of my imagination; it’s the result of your real-life experiences and your imagination.

Last year, we launched a survey. We found out you wanted more pockets, a deeper phone slot, and a full-body drawstring (my friend Dean actually requested the drawstring adjustment and it made a lot of sense). Your suggestions swirled around and became our new design, which has four pockets, a new waistband, an embroidered logo, a durable full-body drawstring, and deeper phone pockets.

When I first launched Kippo, many people asked, “Hasn’t this been invented yet?” I would often reply, “If the idea already existed, I would have bought a pair.” There wasn’t a good solution, so I modified an old pair of shorts and it snowballed from there. Together, with your help, we have taken that original idea and built on it. For that and so much more, I am grateful for our customers and friends. 

Going forward, the Kippo team will continue generating new ideas to improve experiences that cause frustration. In parallel, we will listen to you and do our best to bring your feedback to life—just like we did with the new Kippo shorts.



  • Any chance on capris or pants in the future? Unfortunately, I do not wear shorts.

    Jamie Fidler
  • Thank you for really listening to what your customers and friends want and need!


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