Sleep is in Style

I hear parents comment all the time about their babies being great sleepers, or terrible sleepers. The parents of children who sleep poorly are always envious of the great sleeping baby’s parents. All anyone wants of a newborn child is for them to sleep like a champion.

Why does that change when we become adults? Why do the bags under our eyes and our venti coffees represent honor, success, and productivity?

I am a great sleeper. I love sleep. I hate staying up late at night.

When I tell someone I slept for ten hours straight last night and they look at me like I am crazy, or ask me how I have time to sleep that much, I do not feel ashamed at all because sleep is my secret weapon.

When it comes to being healthy, nutrition and exercise are the two things that get all the attention. Meal prep, making a workout schedule and setting a goal weight are some of the first things we do to get in the zone. But, if you are only focused on nutrition and exercise, then your health grade is a 66% D.

I used to be a high school teacher, and for some kids a D equalled diploma and that was okay. But when it comes to your health and taking care of your body, we should all aim for a higher mark.

Adding sleep to your awareness when you are focusing on your health is essential. It’s the other 33% you need to get an A+. Your body can not perform as well when you are exercising if it is not well rested. Your body will crave fat and sugar when you are tired. You will sabotage many of your efforts unconsciously if you do not sleep enough.

The good news is, you can schedule sleep just like you meal prep and plan your workouts. Set a goal time to be in bed and be as consistent as possible. Doing things like, setting a reminder on your phone an hour before your goal bedtime and then turning off all electronics can help establish a consistent routine that will set you up for successful sleep.

I promise you will see a difference in your strength, endurance, appetite and stamina once you make sleep apart of your health routine.

I’m on a mission to bring sleep back in style. #gonnagetit

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