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Slay the Rosé

Rosé all day is everywhere. From boozy brunch menus to afternoon happy hours, rosé is the drink of the moment.

It started as a drink strictly for the ladies, but has quickly become a crowd pleaser for all genders and walks of life thanks to hashtags like #brosé, rosé that comes in a can , cider rosé, frosé, and even rosé that comes in a 40 ounce bottle.

Last year, the United States drank more than $207 million dollars worth of rosé and the drink is on track to be the star of the summer for a second year in a row.

Research shows, we can thank millennials and their constant social media posts with the pink drink as the shining star for the trend. And summer is the season to sip (and post).

I do love a good summer trend and this is one I can be on board with for as long as it sticks around. So choose your mantra this summer:

Slay then rosé

Yes way rosé

Where there’s a will, there’s a rosé

Rosé the day away

Rosé all day

Slap that phrase on a shirt or a wine glass, post that shit on Pinterest, and get to sipping. #gonnagetsomerosé

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