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Pete Kostelnick Is Running Across the United States

In 1980, Frank Giannino, Jr. left San Francisco City Hall and ran for more than 46-days before reaching New York City Hall. Crossing the finish line, Giannino set the Guinness World Record for the fastest person to trek the continental United States on foot. That record has stood for 36 years, and now Pete Kostelnick is trying to break it.

Kostelnick is a 28-year-old ultra runner who lives in Lincoln, Nebraska and works as a financial analyst. He competed in cross country during high school, but never considered himself a serious runner. In college, he met his wife who was a runner. At that time, Pete had put on 30-pounds and decided to take up running to lose weight. You might say he found a hidden talent.

Pete is currently taking the same path as Frank Giannino Jr., running from City Hall in San Francisco to City Hall in New York City. His run started at 8 a.m. September 12th and is expected to take 44 days, covering 3,100 miles. That’s about 70 miles a day. Click here to track Pete in real-time. He’s wearing a GPS device.

You might be asking, who is this machine-of-a-guy? Kostelnick’s running accomplishments include winning the STYR Labs Badwater 135, which is claimed to be the hardest race on the planet. It starts in Death Valley, the lowest elevation in North America, and ends at the portal to Mt. Whitney. Not only did Pete win that race this year, but he also broke the record for the fastest person to finish it: 21 hours, 56 minutes, 26 seconds.

Pete has also completed 100 mile ultra runs in Arkansas, Kansas, and is the only runner to participate and finish on foot the RAGBRAI, a 423 mile bike race across the state of Iowa that takes place over seven days. Pete is inspiring people in the running community and beyond.

Pete has a support team following him on this incredible journey and most of them are wearing Kippo shorts. We are proud to be able to support Pete and his crew as he attempts this amazing feat.

Follow Pete and cheer him along by going to his website or Facebook page. Also, you can do  a virtual run with Pete by going to this link on Good luck Pete!

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