No Year's Resolution

I have never felt pressure to create a New Years resolution. In part because January and February are lackluster. Fall is full of magical holidays, flavors, and feelings. It’s followed by a long stretch of made up holidays (a.k.a. Valentine’s Day) and holidays that, while important, (Martin Luther King Day and President’s Day) are not accompanied with the same level of celebration.

However, last year I created a tradition that I intend to use as a replacement for the New Year’s resolution. I unintentionally set the tone for 2017. Many of our closest friends were at our house for a low key New Year’s Eve game night. Hours after the ball had dropped we were all still sitting around drinking and talking and having a great time. At some point during the night my mother and sister texted me to wish me a happy New Year and tell me they were going to sleep. I never responded. Until I did. At 2:58 am, I texted back and said “I’m gonna be awesome”. That was it.

The next morning I woke up and opened my texts and saw what I wrote. I started hysterically laughing because that was not a legitimate or reasonable response to their well wishes. But, as the days followed, “I’m gonna be awesome” stuck in my mind. As events, small successes, and positive things would happen throughout my day, I would think “#awesome.  (I know most of you would tweet or instagram with #’s but I just think with them because actually tweeting most of what is in my head could be disastrous). Then, I started saying it outloud to my friends and family, #Awesome2017.

Not every event in 2017 was amazing. There have been some incredibly hard moments in the last year. But my inadvertent text set a surprize intention for my year that caused me to create a habit of focusing on positive and delightful things, which in turn, helped develop an deeper and more sincere attitude of gratitude. And that has made me a happier more fulfilled person.

So here is to 2018 being the year that I’m gonna go get it. #Gonnagetit. What exactly am I gonna get? All of it. Washing my car, I’m gonna get it. Business? Gonna get it. Dance moves? Definitely #Gonnagetit. If I’m doing anything in 2018, you better believe I’m getting after it. Happy New Year.

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