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More Than Just a Three Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend holds a lot of meaning for me. Both of my grandfather’s served in World War II and I have two cousins who are active military. I sincerely feel gratitude for the sacrifices all service members have made.

But also, my wedding anniversary is over Memorial Day. Mark and I just celebrated 12 years of marriage. My paternal grandfather died on Memorial Day in 2016 and that is how we inherited our late dog Pete. Because of those things, it seemed fitting for Mark and I to celebrate our anniversary, my grandpa Bud, and Pete by continuing all the love and adopting a new puppy.

I had so many feelings leading up to getting a new dog. There are still moments when I have deep grief over the loss of my dog Pete, who died of cancer on March 12th. But, I also felt that Buster, my almost eight-year-old Boxer, needed a new companion. I couldn’t deny Buster a brother because I was sad.

So, I set out on a search for a new dog. I had my heart set on a French Bulldog. They are very cute. I called and looked, and emailed and searched and I finally found a dog that I thought would be a good fit. He was two years old. His owner wanted to give him to a good home because she was going to retire him from being a stud. But when we went to meet him, I immediately knew he was not the right fit for our family. The other thing I learned was that any French Bulldog would probably not be the right fit for Mark, Buster, and I. While wildly adorable, their activity level and propensity to overheat would not work with our active lifestyle. I was disappointed.

After a few days, I picked the search back up. Mark and I reminisce about Pete often and so I thought, “Why not a Jack Russell?”. I found a lady who had a litter of Jack Russell, Hunt Terrier mixes and she was on the route home from our Memorial Day weekend destination.

After spending time with dear friends, we loaded up Monday and headed off to meet our potential puppy. I had texted with the owner and knew there were three males that were about four months old. I was extremely anxious. What if he wasn’t a fit? What if he was a fit… then a PUPPY would be living with us! Mark and I have only ever adopted older dogs.

We arrived at a beautiful farm where three tiny, fawn, male dogs were waiting for us. We held each one and Mark immediately gravitated towards a specific dog. We took him to meet Buster, and in true Buster form, he did not care one iota. We talked privately and decided… "this guy is the one!"

He did not have a name for the first 24 hours. I had never named a living thing in my life (all of our other dogs came with names since they were older) and I felt pressure. After thinking and agonizing, we landed on Jones.

We have added another special memory to a weekend full of meaning and significance and I couldn’t be any happier. Letting go of those who have passed is always hard, but passing on the love that was built out of those relationships is a joyous way to remember them. Here’s to the start of a great summer. #gonnagetit

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Nov 14, 2018 • Posted by Resa Venturella

Love that you shared this story❤

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