Ladies, You Need to Read This Now

In the winter of 2013 my husband, Mark, came home from the gym highly miffed that he had almost destroyed his phone during his workout. Like a wonderful wife, I halfway listened to his saga as he pounded away on the computer looking for a pair of gym shorts that had a secure and accessible way to carry his phone. He angrily announced that there was nothing on the entire world wide web that would fit his needs. We ate dinner and soon after went to sleep. Little did I know, that would be the beginning of an incredible journey.

Fast forward to March of 2015 and a successful Kickstarter campaign was launched. We delivered our first pair of men’s shorts in November of that year and Kippo was born. As exciting as it was to have our product out in the world, I found myself realizing that having easy access to your phone while engaging in daily activities was a problem almost everyone faces, not just men at the gym. While walking the dogs, I would have to leave my phone at home while Mark slid his easily into his Kippo pocket and never missed a cute pic of the puppies. While running to the grocery store for an ingredient we forgot, I found myself asking Mark to grab a credit card and his phone so I wouldn't have to bring my purse. When training for races, I would have to carry my phone in my hand (I ditched armbands LONG ago) in order to use my tracker app. And worse, if I was running with Mark, I would have to yell up ahead, “What mile are we at?”, while he effortlessly pulled out his phone. I have ruined two iPods by stuffing them in my bra and drenching them in sweat.

Women need a place to put their phones while they are running, working out, walking the dogs, feeding the kids, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, going to the grocery store, or yoga (I have also almost smashed my phone while falling out of a yoga handstand because my phone was placed on the side of my mat). Also, we bike and putting your phone in a basket or tying your purse to your handlebars is not ideal (I've done both of those things).

Kippo capris and leggings for women are FINALLY here. I have hiked Black Tusk mountain in Canada and gone to brunch in these babies. During testing, I have gone to CrossFit and jogged many miles in them. I have walked my dogs and mopped my floors in them. I have also looked for my “lost phone” while I have been wearing them because I forgot my phone was in the Kippo pocket. That’s how awesome these workout pants are. These are not those capris or leggings with a mesh half pocket that your phone can wobble out of. You can actually work, run, play, cook, sit, do pull ups, push-ups, sit ups, yoga, and marathon a Netflix series all while your iPhone 8 Plus or Samsung Galaxy 8 is comfortably and securely resting on the flat side of your hip.

Ladies, I am so excited to share these with you! We are solving a problem that is long overdue. So ditch your purses, armbands, belts, hip-packs, wristlets, and clutches and load up your pockets because we’ve got things to do and nothing can weigh us down.


  • Thanks so much for your message, Han. I look forward to hearing about your experience. Keep us posted, and please tell the rest of your family we truly appreciate all their support.

    -Mark Kinsley

  • I’m so excited for my leggings and capris to arrive! I’ve had it with tucking my phone into my sports bra or the waistband of my pants. So inconvenient! Lookong forward to testing them out and spreading the word to my walking group if it works out.

    My husband, son, and brother in law all love their Kippo shorts.

    Han Kirkland

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