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It’s True, I Already Decorated for Christmas.

I put my Christmas tree up last weekend. I LOVE it. It makes me very happy. It makes my house feel warm and cozy. Around 4 p.m., all the lights I strung about automatically come on. The whole house has a warm glow.

Every year, sometime in September, Mark and I sit down with our calendars and we block off a weekend for putting up the Christmas tree. It doesn’t take a whole weekend, but I like the tradition to linger. We listen to Christmas music, eat Christmas pasta, and end the evening with a Christmas movie. This year we watched half of The Sound of Music. We finished the rest the next day. It’s really long.

I have a lot of friends who feel putting up a Christmas tree before Thanksgiving defames the turkey-focused holiday. I don’t feel that way. I really love Thanksgiving too, but I just love Christmas decorations. It’s the holiday season so, to me, that includes both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Also, there are not many Thanksgiving songs or movies.

There was a study recently published that claimed people who put up Christmas decorations early are happier. So I win.


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