Is Valentine's Day Fake News?

Santa Clause is not real. The Easter Bunny is not real. The Tooth Fairy is not real. And Valentine’s Day is not real.

Saint Valentine was a real person (or persons) who died as a martyr. Because so little is known about Saint Valentine (it is rumored that the name refers to two different martyrs), the Catholic Church took the saint off the General Roman Calendar. So how did a celebration of a little known saint become a day to exchange extravagant, sexy, and often useless gifts with the person you love more than anyone in the world? Geoffrey Chaucer of course! The famous author and poets’ most recognized work ,The Canterbury Tales, is still read in high school English classes across the country (maybe even the globe). Chaucer made up the concept of lovers exchanging sweets, flowers, or cards on Valentine’s Day during the 14th century.

So this Valentine’s Day, I am giving you permission to stick it to the man (specifically Chaucer) and forgo buying the giant teddy bear, the overly-priced roses, the waxy boxed chocolates, or unmentionables. Take the pressure off. Take an extra minute to tell your significant other, family member, or friend how much they mean to you. Use real words (not emojis) and maybe say one thing that makes you thankful for them.

You may be thinking “What an unromantic grump!” Call me what you will, but Reese's peanut butter cups in the shape of a heart aren’t any better than the circle ones and red has never really been my color.

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