How to Endure a Nothingburger Month


August is a long nothingburger of a month, and it’s just around the corner.

It’s too hot to move.

The joys of summer are wrapping up because school is starting again. There are no holidays to celebrate.

August is long. It’s 31 days.

But, as with most things, I like to finish strong.

So, if you feel the same way about August as I do, here are my tips to making it through the sweltering last days of summer.

1. Choose an event and celebrate it like a holiday. Maybe it’s the premier of a TV show, the opening of an art exhibit, or a sports event. Whatever it is, invite people over, dress up, plan a menu, prepare a signature drink and live it up! Having something to look forward to always makes long days go by faster

  • 2. Change up your evening routine. If you come home from work, eat dinner, watch TV and then go to bed, plan a night out. If you always workout at CrossFit on Tuesdays, try a kickboxing class. Changing up your routine is a good way to get a new perspective and shake things up. If you are tired, too bad. Do it anyway. I promise new experiences will always trump the mundane.

    3. Choose a habit. It’s actually a myth that you can form or break a habit in 21 days; however, you can get started. Focusing on a personal improvement goal for a set amount of time will create a sense of accomplishment and self- satisfaction. Plus, once August is finally over, you can reward all your hard work with a Pumpkin Spice Latte.   

    Let’s finish out the summer stong. #gonnagetit

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