How Do Organic Turkeys Smell?

This year I have noticed a lot more diversity in the turkey talk. The options seem endless. Organic turkeys, heritage turkeys, fresh versus frozen turkeys, self basting or pre-brined, Kosher, free range.

When I was a kid, my mom went to the grocery store, picked out a frozen hunk of poultry, thawed it out for a week, and stuck it in the oven. That was the only way to do it.

I cook with ground turkey a lot all year long. I frequently use it as a substitute for ground beef. I was making turkey chili the other night and I said, “I am glad we are using organic turkey. I have driven past turkey farms and they stink.” Mark assured me that organic turkeys stink just as bad as un-organic turkeys. He’s probably right. 

So I did a bit of research on turkeys to find out which one is the best purchase. The results were shocking

I found that it doesn’t matter what kind of turkey you buy. If you are spending your Thanksgiving holiday with people you love, taking time to relax, laugh and letting go of the small things like name cards at the table or making sure the sweet potato casserole is made with Boniato potatoes instead of Yams, then your turkey will be delicious.

So here's to not giving a damn about birds and thoroughly enjoying this year's Thanksgiving. #gonnagetit

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