Here at Kippo we want you to buy great shorts

About This Journal: Adventurous, Curious, and Healthy

What’s this journal about? I thought we’d hit the reset button and let you know.

Yes, we want you to buy great shorts and have a top-notch experience when doing workouts with your smartphone. More importantly, we want to share ideas on how to keep your life adventurous, active, healthy, and balanced.

That is why we write about food, travel, music, and what Mark and I have been up to. Everybody needs a little inspiration and motivation to get out there and make every day count. Many of you have motivated us to try new things and encouraged us in our journey with Kippo, so we hope through our weekly journals we can do the same for you.

We love hearing about your travels, healthy meals, workout tips, races, and the fitness challenges you are tackling. Reach out and connect with us.

The Kippo brand is growing fast and it’s all thanks to you wearing our gear and using it while living a healthy, adventurous life. That’s what matters to us.

We love hearing about all you do. The skydiving in Kippo shorts, 50K races, or even just using the pockets to change four light bulbs without getting down from the ladder. Drop us an email any time and be sure to share your stories with us and your friends. Now, get back out there and live a life that’s adventurous, curious, healthy, and fun.


  • So proud of you both. I am so glad your Kippo products are doing so well. All runners and athletes as well as the common guys and gals who work out at the gyms sure need to try them out! They won’t be disappointed and they will become their very favorite shorts.

    Clara Wassom
  • Would you consider 5 pockets? One on the rear RHS for my wallet. Love the phone pockets, my original crowd funding pair of shorts has been repaired a few times now, but still alive.

    Rodney Gordon

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