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Photo Credit Deborah "puparazzi" Billingsly

This year 31 million people are expected to dress up their pets for Halloween. I am one of them. I think it is one of the cutest things on the planet.

For the past three years I have participated in a local event called Growl-o-ween.  Three Dog Bakery puts together the event. You donate to a dog shelter and that gets you a special bag and a map that leads you around different businesses within walking distance.

I put Buster and Jones in taco costumes and together we walked from business to business collecting treats. It is adorable to see tons of dogs in their costumes walking around downtown. Also, it’s an awesome way to stock up on dog treats.

Naturally, there’s a costume contest. This year brought out the normal supermen, pumpkins, and Elvises. My favorite costume, other than my dogs, was a shepherd mix named Ranger that was dressed up like a chia pet. It was so clever. By the way, you can vote for my dogs here. Shameless, I know. 

Hopefully, reading this blog and seeing these puppies dressed in their Halloween best made you smile. Share your spookiest pics of Sparky with us. We would love to see them. #gonnagetit

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