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Gridiron Goodies to Kick Off Your Perfect Super Bowl Party

The food company Kraft Heinz claims that more than 16 million people in the United States call-in sick to work the Monday after the Super Bowl. This (allegedly) costs the country over 1 billion dollars in lost productivity. This could be because studies have shown that Mondays are the most likely days for people to call off work, but I believe there is something more to it than that: Super Bowl Food (and drink).

There are 32 teams in the NFL. The percentage of fans with their team making it to the Super Bowl is pretty small. For example, if you cheer for the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, or the Jacksonville Jaguars, then you are SOL, because none of these teams have ever even been to a Super Bowl. But I bet, even if one of the above mentioned is your team, you still go to the Super Bowl party.

It’s the first weekend in February and you have been good all year (so far). It’s time to let loose and chow down. It’s time to have a margarita or five. You’ve been in a drought long enough. And the best part is, EVERYBODY’S DOING IT! This year, our Super Bowl snack list has some usual suspects and some newcomers. Here’s the starting lineup:

  1. Fruit, veggie, and hummus platter. I am always a bit leery as to if this one is even needed. There is always that one guest who is “trying to be good,” so it’s an obligatory menu feature.
  2. Chips, salsa, and guacamole. This year we are foregoing the nacho bar, and just sticking with the basics, which is perfectly fine with me. I could eat chips and salsa every meal of my life and be extremely happy.
  3. Wings. I am not a huge wings fan. I love the taste, but I find wings to be one of those foods that is a lot of work for a small payoff. Like a pomegranate. Or crawfish.
  4. Meat and cheese platter. I love meat and I love cheese. My platter is going to have really good cheese, too. Not those pre-cut cubes. Fancy cheese. That’s the way to go.  
  5. Tamales. I bought tamales at a school fundraiser about four years ago and I remembered how much I love them. I buy them around Christmas time every year now, and they have become a Christmas tradition; however, this year I decided to bring them out for the Super Bowl because they are delicious and deserve at least two cameos a year.
  6. Loaded tater-tot skewers. This probably belongs in the number one slot, above that pesky veggies and hummus platter. I am breaking the cardinal rule of recipes, which is that you must try a recipe out before serving it for the first time to guests, but I feel extremely confident about this one so I am going with it. It will be much easier than making loaded potato skins.
  7. Chocolate-Strawberry Cupcakes. The January/February 2017 issue of Food Network Magazine had an article called “A Year Of Cupcakes.” It featured one cupcake for every month. I made a New Year's resolution to make all 12. February’s cupcake seems to be Valentine’s Day driven, which I think is a big miss. I am making if for the Super Bowl party and that is the end of it.
  8. Various alcoholic beverages. I do not believe in a “signature cocktail” for a Super Bowl party. If you don’t drink beer or wine, BYO.

That is Kippo's Super Bowl party snack list. What’s on your menu? Share them in the comments section or tell us on Facebook.

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