Goblin Run 2018


The last official race Mark and I did was a half marathon in April. It was freezing and miserable.

Once it was over I needed a break from races. It was the second race in 2018 that had temperatures below twenty degrees and sleet. I would rather run in colder weather than hot; however, when you cross the finish line with icicles on your eyelashes it’s a bit uncomfortable.

I ran the Goblin Run last year with a friend and really enjoyed it. It is a fun, fast, 5K the Saturday morning before Halloween.

I have a habit of entering Mark into events without his knowledge. I signed him up for the half marathon in April without him knowing. I signed him up for an adult spelling bee in July. That was hilarious. He got fifth place out of 40. Not too shabby. So signing him up for a 5K that you have to wear a costume for was par for the course. Our friend was running it with us, so (naturally) we had to come up with costumes themed for three people.

Mark was less than enthusiastic about running in a costume, but I told him it was part of the race. He rolled his eyes and we started brainstorming. We googled trio halloween costume ideas. Paper, rock, scissors was popular and clever but running in cardboard cutouts didn’t sound fun. Alvin and the chipmunks, three blind mice, and the three main characters from Harry Potter were all popular trios but didn’t strike our fancy.

We landed on:"Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! "I thought it was adorable and Mark said he would be a bear because it doesn’t have a tail. I argued that bears DO have tails, but the bear costume did not come with a tail so he won. Also, I loved that Kip, our other friend and the husband of our running friend, could hold the "Oh my!" poster at the finish line. 

The weather was perfectly chilly and I felt like it was a race well ran by all three of us, but there was one problem: most people did not know where "Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!" came from. I was shocked.

Do you know where it came from?


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  • How sad that people don’t know “The Wizard of Oz” movie. You all looked adorable!!

    Patty Kissel

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