Give a Little, Get a Lot

Recently, I went on a weekend trip with some dear friends. Going into the trip, I was tired. I had just gotten home from a business trip 36-hours before and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.

On the two hour drive to the airport Mark and I had a heavy conversation. After we got through security, Mark had several business calls he had to take before we got on the plane. In my mind, I thought…I don’t know how this weekend is all going to shake out.

Can we let loose for 72-hours?

So I put on a smile…that was all I had to give, and hoped nobody would notice my heart wasn’t in it.

The moment the three couples converged at our rented condo, a switch flipped and a floodgate of good feels overwhelmed me. I was genuinely happy, Mark and I were genuinely having a good time, and there was no other place in the world we wanted to be.

As I reflected on this weekend, it reminded me of the saying: Give a little, get a lot. I couldn’t find who said that, but they were a genius. All I could muster up at the beginning of the weekend was a smile but in return I strengthened relationships with amazing people and made memories that will last a lifetime. Mark and I walked away happier and closer as a couple. And, I added five country music stars to my “I’ve-seen-them-in-concert” list.

When all I can do is simply show up to spin class, I always walk away feeling proud and a sense of accomplishment.

When all I can do is is pick up the phone and initiate the hard call, even though I don’t know what to say, it is always rewarding, even if the outcome is only that I tried.

When all I can do is bring store bought cookies to the BBQ, I always walk away feeling glad I went because of some conversation or connection made.

Sometimes, when all you can do is give a little, you will be amazed by how much you get in return.

Reach deep, people. #gonnagetit

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  • Who’s the hottie in the bottom left?!?!? Bet she looks good in some kippo capris. Oh wait, she does! #needsomemore

    Adam Bokker

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