Facebook Banned Kippo's Super Bowl Commercial

Go Daddy is known for making Super Bowl commercials that are too risqué for television. Getting those ads "banned" is all part of their marketing plan. Dig around and you can find other companies that have had commercials rejected for the "family friendly" football show. 

Ever since the 2004 Janet Jackson nip slip, the FCC has been on high alert. But these days it's not just public TV that is censoring. Facebook has jumped on the bandwagon. Kippo created a Super Bowl ad that most of you didn't get to see because Zuckerberg blocked us from boosting the post. Yes, it featured a beer. Actually three beers. And those three beers got us booted. 

Facebook doesn't own email (yet), so here's the video. Watch it. Send it to a few friends. When you share it on Facebook, tag Mark Zuckerberg in your post. 



  • I love the commercial but I don’t like beer! Great shorts. I hope you make millions so I can say, hey I knew him back when he was a kid! I want to win a pair for my son in law who runs with a group of guys every morning! I know it would be good advertising for you?

    Clara wassom
  • Great commercial Kippo! Guess packing your brew to the TV is being sensored now…poor call Zuckerberg.


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