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Cinco De Derby

This year has been full of shared holidays. Ash Wednesday fell on Valentines Day. Easter and April fools were on the same day. And on May 5th the Kentucky Derby (not technically a holiday, but a widely celebrated event) and Cinco De Mayo will share the spotlight.

Mark and I  are 100% committed to the Derby this year; however, if you are on the fence, I can help.

I am going to share with you some little known facts about each, that are guaranteed to help you decide whether to order a Mint Julep or a giant Margarita at brunch on Saturday.

Kentucky Derby: Dubbed as the greatest two minutes in sports, this year’s Kentucky Derby will be the 144th year it has taken place. Here are some things you might not know.

  1. According to information collected by Churchill Downs (the location of the Kentucky Derby), an average of 120,000 Mint Juleps are consumed on derby day at the race track. They go through 7,800 liters of bourbon and 2,250 pounds of locally grown mint.
  2. 19 horses who had names that began with an S have won the Kentucky Derby. This makes horses with S names the luckiest in the derby’s history. This year, Solomini, whose odds are 30-1, is the only horse with an S name.

Cinco De Mayo: Most people think Cinco De Mayo is Mexico’s Independence Day; however, it is actually a celebration of Mexico’s victory in the battle at Puebla on May 5th, 1862 during the Franco-Mexican war. And Mexico didn’t even end up winning that war, but winning that battle was unlikely so it is still celebrated 156 years later.

  1. According to the California Avocado Commision, Americans consume an average of 87 million pounds of avocados on Cinco De Mayo.
  2. Cinco De Mayo is not widely celebrated in Mexico. The largest Cinco De Mayo celebration in the world is held in Los Angeles, CA. FDR promoted Cinco De Mayo when he enacted his “Good Neighbor Policy” and that is when the holiday started to pick up steam in the states.
  3. The ten states that consume more tequila than any other are: New York, Ohio, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Colorado, Nevada, California, Arkansas, and Texas. So maybe if you live in one of those states, you should go with a Cinco De Mayo celebration this year.

No matter if you chose to wear a sombrero or a giant flowery hat this Saturday, cheers. Happy celebrating America.

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