Can I Get a Hell Yes?!

Summer is shaping up to be pretty amazing.

BBQ’s with dear friends, a trip to London, a 4th Of July Cook Off competition, a weekend girls trip, several country concerts, an East coast trip to Portland and Boston, and last but not least Panama City over Labor Day.

Having so much on the calendar can be a blessing and a curse, and I am sure many of you share this sentiment. When I was younger, I did not manage my time well. I would over commit in the moment, and then end up bailing on things at the last minute because I felt anxiety and stress.

Time management has become a learned skill I have to regularly practice. Here are the three steps I use to ensure my busy calendar is full of things I look forward to, build important relationships, and add significance to my life and others around me.

1.  Don’t commit in the moment. Even if you KNOW you will say yes, learn to say “I’ll get back with you tomorrow about that.” I have a really good friend named Hillary who is a pro at this. This is an important first step because you have a significant other, kids, extended family, a cat, a dog, a fish, etc. that you need to double check with. And if you don’t have any of those things, then you have yourself. Tomorrow morning, when you wake up and think about the rest of your week, month, or year, you MIGHT feel differently. Giving your commitments time to marinate is essential.

  • 2. If it’s not a HELL YES, it’s a NO. I ripped this idea from Mark Kinsley’s playbook (he got it from Derek Sivers). “Maybe”, “sounds good”, “we’ll see”, DOES NOT CUT IT.  If the idea of spending your time doing whatever is being asked of you does not enrich your life and excite you, then it should be a NO. Your days become your life. HELL YES, or NO.
  • 3. Be honest and guilt free about your no. You are not the end-all be-all of someone’s event. Your no is not going to end the world. Get over feelings of guilt because you can’t do everything. Also, tell the truth when you say no. “Hey, I have too much going on this week to add one more thing! Hate to have to miss it, thanks for the invite.” You are an adult. Excuses are for mooses. And gooses.

    I hope your summer is full of fun, exciting, enriching people and events. Maybe these three simple steps can help you have the best summer ever! HELL YES! #gonnagetit

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