Bloody Bunnies

It’s been a year since Pete came to live with us and completed our family. The first night he stayed with us he cried all night. It was horribly sad. He was mourning, just like we were, and probably scared in a new place. But, Pete adjusted quickly and soon began showing his robust personality.

The number one thing that Pete wants in life is to have his tummy rubbed. He will crawl up in your lap, find the perfect spot, and nudge your hand with his nose until you start petting him. If you stop, he will nudge and nudge until you resume. On the flip side, he loves to hunt. One minute he is a snuggle bunny and the next he is killing bunnies.

To date he has killed four baby bunnies and dropped a decapitated grown bunny head at my feet.

One particular hunting spree took place during a weekend stay at our friends’ house in Columbia, Missouri. It was dark and I was letting the dogs out one last time before bed. I heard a slight squeaking noise from around the side of the house. I walked around to investigate and Pete flew by me and into the house. I called for Buster. When Buster and I got back in the house, Pete was in the living room, underneath a glass-top coffee table, staring at something on the floor that was dark gray. I screamed at the top of the my lungs and Mark rushed over to investigate. Pete had gobbled up three baby bunnies in one mouthful.

Pete and Buster have become best friends and great rivals. They can often be found sitting or lying together all over the house. When we take walks, Pete always comes out of the gates hot and vies for the lead spot the entire walk. He loves playing with his toys in the morning and will pick play fights with Buster, nipping at his ears and elbows. The dogs don’t sleep in the bed, but in the morning Pete always hops into the bed and snuggles up next to my neck.

It’s been a full year since my grandpa passed and Pete moved in with us, so I thought I’d share an update. Overall, Pete is doing well. He’s the addition to our family we didn’t know we needed. Pete made us complete.

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