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Best Christmas Gifts for Kids

Christmas is 25 days away. I am STRESSED because I do not have all my Christmas shopping done.

I usually try to get all presents purchased by Thanksgiving. I do this for many reasons:

  1. My blood pressure rises when I am in a large, crowded group of people in a mall, store, Taste of Chicago, or similar situation.
  2. I like to take time wrapping, baking, and saying yes to Christmas parties rather than scheduling trips to the mall or trolling Amazon all night for the perfect gift.
  3. The later I wait, the more I over spend. I will say something to myself like “The extra 10 bucks is worth your sanity!” But after you say that 15 times, it becomes a problem.

For me, the hardest people in my life to buy for are the kids. I like to find something a bit more practical rather than just buying them a toy they will forget about in a week. But the problem with that is, you don’t get the wow factor during the present opening which is pretty gratifying.

So, I stand in a store, or stare at a website page, and lament. “They will break this in two seconds!” “They won’t appreciate the story!” “Even though every kid wants this, it’s a piece of cheap crap!” “What in the world is this supposed to be?” “Why do Legos cost $73 a box?!” “Are PJ’s too practical?” And on, and on, and on it goes. The torturous questions of finding the perfect children's gift never ends for me.

Please help me out this season and tell me: What are the best children’s gifts? What do you get the children in your life? Share in the comments, because if you don’t I’m buying all the kids puppies this year. #gonnagetit  

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