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Adult Birthdays

At a recent get-together, a guy brought out a cake for his wife to celebrate her birthday, which was the following week. When someone shouted out playfully, “How old are you?!” she became coy and didn’t answer.

I just turned 37 this month. I love being 37. I tend to love every year I get older more than the last. I feel more confident. I feel more kind. I am more giving.

I like my friends and family more. This is probably because I have finally stopped investing time in people that I don’t love. That might seem extreme, but if you have a night or weekend of mine, then I love you or I think I might love you. And that filter is super fulfilling.

I am healthier and more lenient with myself at the same time. I consistently workout and eat clean, but I don’t obsess about the pizza I ate or the extra glasses of wine I have on the weekends. I am not a lettuce and lemon kind of girl and I enjoy the hell out of that.

I have realized that there really isn’t much to be angry about in life and driving 15 miles over the speed limit won’t get you there that much faster. Now, let’s be clear on these two points… I have come to the realization that these two things are true. Living these out is still a work in progress but I look forward to getting older because I will master them!

I say “yes” more often when it counts and I use “no” to protect my time, sanity, and health.

I love getting older. I can’t wait to see how awesome I’m gonna be. Adult birthdays can be the best. Embrace and enjoy your age. Be awesome. #gonnagetit

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Oct 04, 2018 • Posted by Mark Quinn

So true, well said!!!!! LIVE YOUR LIFE!!! Happy birthday.

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