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5 Reasons You Should Shower at Night

One of Kippo’s missions is to bring you smarter ways to navigate your active lifestyle. Which brings me to the topic of showers. You know, that place you suds-up, unwind, sing show tunes, and come up with your best ideas.

While showers feel great any time of day, here are five reasons you should be showering at night:

  1. People who shower in the evening get the benefit of letting the hot water calm and relax them into a zen-like state right before bed.
  2. Night-time shower-ers get to wash off all the dirt and grime they have picked up throughout the day. You know that feeling you get when you dive into clean sheets? It doesn’t work as well when your caked in a day’s worth of filth.
  3. Also, if you consistently shower at night that activity becomes a queue to your body and mind that it’s time to go to sleep.
  4. You can work out at anytime during the day if you shower at night. You never have the “Well, I already showered” excuse.
  5. Last but not least, you also get to sleep-in longer if you shower at night.

Although science does not offer a definitive answer about the best time to take a shower, I think, showering at night is the only way to go; that is unless rolling around in the day's grime gives you sweet dreams.



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Sep 09, 2016 • Posted by Bob Brown

Love the emails, now that you have given us 5 reasons to shower at night, political correctness would be to give us 5 reasons to shower in the morning(53% of your votes say morning)……..#1 reason to shower in the morning not night…..when you wake up with “chickenbutt hair”, and we all do….your morning shower will correct the wild mess on top!! and keep the snickers to a minimum when you walk by another person…..cause we’ve all snickered at someone with chickenbutt hair……haven’t we…..btw….love my Kippo’s too.

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