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Dollar Shave Club and The Leaning Tower of Kippo

Dollar Shave Club and The Leaning Tower of Kippo

This update first posted on our Kickstarter page.

Dollar Shave Club and The Leaning Tower of Kippo

Exciting news—all parts and pieces to build Kippo shorts are completed or in production, the fabric color is final, and Dollar Shave Club found out about us! 

As you can see from the Leaning Tower of Kippo, we have produced enough elastic material to make all the red and white waistbands. 

We are also working on the black and gold elastic. Since I came up with the idea for Kippo shorts while living in Columbia, Missouri—where the University of Missouri is located—I really wanted to match Mizzou's gold. After a few experiments involving nude elastic strands (our favorite kind) we finally found the exact color of gold. 

In fabric-drama news, we finally discovered the perfect color of graphite gray. If you've been following Kickstarter updates, you know the perfect shade of gray has been elusive, but we found it. What does it look like? Imagine if the led from a No. 2 pencil mated with an ominous thunderstorm cloud. 

We added photo-effects to the image below to show the contrast between the approved color on the right and rejected swatches on the left. I think you'll enjoy the flexibility our Child-of-a-No.-2-Pencil-and-Thunderstorm-Cloud gray gives you because it matches almost any color of shirt and shoes.

Although we've hit a few roadblocks, I'm really excited about how much the Kippo community is growing. There's no doubt the influx of newbies is due to you spreading the word—and Dollar Shave Club sharing our story with 1.8 million smooth-face subscribers. Click my freshly shaved face below to read the story. 

By the way, last week, for the first time ever, I went to Crossfit (which I really enjoyed). I wore the original Kippo shorts and forgot my phone was with me. It was a good sign for anybody who does Crossfit with a smartphone. 

Thank you again for your support as we work to deliver Kippo shorts in October. 




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Aug 31, 2015 • Posted by Erin

Hi, I actually found these because of dollar shave club (which women also use), and I’m super disappointed that there’s no women’s version of these shorts. For us, all the pockets are barely the size of a credit card and I would love to be able to run without an armband or my phone in my hand. I really really hope in the future you can release some designs for the opposite sex.

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