Where Should I Put My Phone While Running?

If you’re reading this post you probably run with a smartphone and likely have issues. Before reading any further, I want you to know this article was written in hopes you’d search the Internet for a solution and find Kippo shorts (which are, in our vocal opinion, the best solution for running with a smartphone).

Runners typically face at least four problems when they workout with a smartphone:

  1. Discomfort. Armbands are terrible because they chafe, slip, and make it hard to access your device. Belts and clips create similar issues, add unnecessary weight, and can make you feel off balance. 
  2. Phone Flop. If your phone is inside a regular pocket, it flops around and hits your thighs (or other more sensitive body parts).
  3. Accessibility. If your phone is inside an armband, belt, or clip you often have a hard time accessing it (especially in an armband). Athletes often need to access workout apps, change music, or see who is calling/texting.
  4. Sweat. Phones and moisture don’t mix. Tucking your phone inside your underwear waistband or bra isn’t a good idea.

Kippo shorts solve all of these issues, plus prevent you from having to keep track of, and locate, additional gear before you begin a workout. In addition, they're perfect for athletes who use GPS tracking apps like Runkeeper. Press the start button and never lose a step due to zipping or clipping. 

When you're running in Kippo shorts, you might forget you’re carrying your phone. There’s virtually no swing or sway, and your phone remains free from close contact with your skin so moisture's not a major concern.

The Kippo pocket also keeps your phone 100% accessible. If for some strange reason you end up doing a handstand, your phone won’t fall out. And unlike armbands that hold your phone hostage, accessing your device is easy. We call it the Kippo pop—pinch, pop, and pull out your device. There is no unclipping or unzipping, and no more snaps, straps, and flaps. 

It’s the best smartphone workout best experience ever. 

Watch this video to see what it's like to workout in Kippo shorts. 


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