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12 Bolo Ties Like Colin Farrell’s on True Detective

12 Bolo Ties Like Colin Farrell’s on True Detective

Before the shotgun blast to the chest, Colin Farrell’s mustache, haircut, and bolo tie all hung at a similar slant. 

According to the Internet, Detective Ray Velcoro’s Yosemite Sam cookie duster and center-slicked coif took a cop car’s backseat to his turquoise bolo tie.

Whether or not the neckwear is coming back in style remains to be seen. But just in case the trend is back, we’re out in front with some recommendations that Detective Velcoro would approve.

First some parameters: under the right circumstances bolo ties are indeed acceptable. Think rodeos in New Mexico, Tuesday afternoons in Brooklyn, and Philip Rivers’ press conferences.

At the moment an exact replica of Farrell’s cord and pendant neckwear isn’t available, so we’ve used our detective skills (a.k.a. Google search) to bring you 12 alternatives. Add your own fu Manchu, elbow-patch blazer, and Johnny Walker Blue Label breath to round out the look.

Click on the image and you can actually buy each bolo. Be prepared for comments from co-workers, compliments from strangers, and newfound confidence. 


1. An equestrian encrusted neckwear workhorse.



2. Mythical birds look nice north of your sternum.



3. Nothing like a blue veiny stone. Insert innuendoes. 



4. A regal eagle with a touch of sapphire. 



5. Prepare to leap into your next neck garnish. 



6. Denim shirt not included. 



7. For the lover of a third-eye style tie. 



8. Traditional with a twist.



9. Stones aplenty. 



10. Square tie for the not-so-square guy. 



11. Looking like Velcoro has never been easier. 


12. Who needs an angel wing tattoo?


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