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The Last 5 Workouts You'll Ever Need

The Last 5 Workouts You'll Ever Need

In a perfect world, Cody Skinner’s workouts are designed to be the only five you’ll ever need. If you had all the equipment and any amount of space, these routines would deliver the proper amount of strength, power, flexibility, and cardio that you’d ever need (unless your training sport-specific).

Think of this as your go-to routine for universal fitness—for those times in life when you might be traveling and don’t want to worry if you’ll be able to paddle a surfboard or hike a small volcano. Let us know if you find a small volcano.


You’re busy. That’s why these workouts are designed to be completed within one hour. During that one hour you’ll experience moments when you hate Cody Skinner, but once you see the results you’ll be a super fan. The beginning of each workout should start with a full body dynamic warm-up, including movements such as high knees, butt kicks, legs swings, arm circles, etc.This will ensure your body is fully prepared for the workout.

After the dynamic warm-up you’ll jog between a half and one mile. Distance varies depending on your needs and wants. Want more cardio? Go longer. Simply need a good warm-up? Hit it for a half mile.

Each day the first group of exercises involve several strength movements for building power. To incorporate a cardio aspect into the strength portion, these exercises should be done as fast as possible for the prescribed number of sets and reps.

Next is a full body circuit. Complete all rounds as fast as possible. Many aspects of strength, power, cardio, and flexibility will be tested here and to finish these rounds quickly will not be easy.

The end of the workout is core work. Your abs, obliques (sides), and back are the base of most exercises and are essential for a fully functional body and life. This portion will vary depending on the day but will not be short on intensity.

To finish the workout there will be full body stretching. Start at the feet and work all the way to the neck. We want to hit every muscle to ensure a quick recovery and to help maintain and improve flexibility. 

The Last 5 Workouts You'll Ever Need

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