Your Wrist is for a Watch

There are two kinds of guys, ‘watch guys’ and ‘non-watch guys.’

You know who you are.

I know your smartphone tells you the time—but it’s not made in Switzerland by generations of austere, extremely punctual Swiss craftsmen. Meanwhile, in China, workers who occasionally think jumping off the roof is preferable to another day at the factory assemble your smartphone.

And another thing, your smartphone doesn’t run on energy provided by moving your wrist. Remember the latter point the next time your smartphone battery runs low.

I remember as a child walking out of the corner drugstore with my brand new Timex watch – extra special because it had the speidel watchband. It was the beginning of life as a ‘watch guy.'

Somewhere in junior high I purchased a Bulova Divers Watch with the steel mesh bracelet. It was a blatant rip off of the Rolex Submariner, though at the time I had no idea the Rolex Sub existed. All I know is the Bulova had 17 jewels and that was significant.

In high school I bought a modern miracle watch, the Japanese made self-winding Seiko. Incredibly precise.

Next thing I know it’s the mid 80’s and I’m on a plane to Hong Kong.

I’m reading a magazine discussing all the amazing jewelry bargains in Hong Kong—especially Rolex’s. I still didn’t know much about Rolex but I remembered Dustin Hoffman trading one for a cab ride and a dime to make a phone call in Marathon Man. “It’s a Rolex, it’s my brother’s watch.” You never know when you’ll need a GMT on a Jubilee bracelet as emergency bartering equipment. Especially when a Nazi dentist is chasing you. It was a safe investment.

I arrived jet lagged and juiced up to a Kowloon jewelry store and began bargaining for a stainless steel manual-wind Rolex. I walked out bedazzled and bejeweled, leaving $350 cash (American) behind. I was the proud owner of my very first Rolex.

Since then I’ve owned numerous Rolex, Panerai, and even an Ulysse Nardin. I’d feel naked without one of them adorning my wrist.

But let’s face it, we can’t live without our smartphones.

Especially when we workout. Just as our wrist is made for a watch – Kipposhorts are made for your smartphone. When working out (got to keep the wrist toned) I never quite knew what to do with my smartphone. Until now. 

For those who care about time and the way we look there is no other choice. You’ve had your wrist for a long time and that watch looks great on it. Now you’ve got Kippo shorts and your smartphone looks great in it.

Kippo shorts. It’s about time.

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