Alternative to Armband for Phones

Many architects throughout history, like Mies van der Rohe, also designed chairs. It’s a difficult object to create because a chair should be beautiful when it’s not used, and disappear when a person’s seated. A similar philosophy drove my design of Kippo shorts.

The pocket had to be pleasing to look at, but make your smartphone virtually disappear (mentally and physically). What does it mean for a phone to vanish during workouts? You can do a handstand and your iPhone doesn’t fall out. When playing pick-up basketball you don’t have to put it on the sideline and chance it getting stolen or cracked. And when you’re driving in your car, a moment of panic strikes because you can’t find your phone, but soon discover it’s inside your Kippo pocket (that’s happened to me).

Kippo shorts are built to give athletes who workout with smartphones an alternative to armbands. Yes, there are belts and hand-bands and clip-on cases, but those are just one more thing to strap to your body—and another item you have to locate before your workout.

Before switching to Kippo shorts my phone would fall out during bench press and get smashed against during dead lift. I was conscious of my iPhone during any movement involving the front of my body, like pushups and hyperextensions. And forget about running—my phone was a veritable attention whore. I wanted to have access to my device and be able to forget about it when I wasn’t using it.

The chair should be beautiful. And disappear. 

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