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Honoring our Veterans

15-Years in the Air Force, One Strong Family

Keith Marshall served two tours of duty in Iraq, trained Spanish-speaking military personnel from partner nations, and has been to Europe and the Caribbean dozens of times as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer. For the last nine years he’s supported cutting-edge missions around the globe to ensure American and partner nation troops make it home safely from combat.

Unwavering service to our country would be enough to make us want to honor Keith this Veteran’s Day, but what makes him even more amazing is his commitment to his beautiful wife Amber and their four children, Alexa 10, Landon 8, Nora 6, and Kaya 4.

I’ve seen articles bragging on dads for being the best, but this is no fluff piece. Keith is a fantastic dad who genuinely enjoys his kids and being a father. Granted, his wife Amber is a super-mom who comes up with the coolest kid’s activities, but together they make parenting seem fun and their kids are living proof that the future is bright!  

As a military family, the Marshalls have moved throughout the country. Every time I see them they seem happier than before and more connected as a sixsome. Luckily, we get to see them at least once a year because Amber is my wife’s cousin!

This year, on Veterans Day, we wanted to honor one of our dear friends who is also our family and one of our best customers. In the eighth grade, Keith took a trip to the Arlington National Cemetery and decided, when he was old enough, he would enlist in the military. He has been in the Air Force for 15-years.

Keith says being part of the Air Force keeps him motivated to stay in shape (as does his bucket list, which is more like a 55-gallon drum). He runs at least four-miles, five-times a week and during his workday, he rounds up the entire office at the top of every hour to do a set of 20 or 30 reps of pushups or situps. “It’s a fun way to stay in shape, get everyone out from behind the computer. It makes the day go by really fast!”

When asked what he hopes for his children in the future, he said, “That when we fight wars, it will only be as a last resort and only in response to direct threats against the national security of the United States.” He hopes younger generations can learn to “...honor those who have gone before us and sacrificed so much for the ideals that make America a great country.” Keith believes that being in the Air Force is the best thing he’s ever been apart of and can’t imagine doing anything else.

Today, we honor Keith and say thank you to all the Veterans and active military, and their families for your service to our country. Please take time today to thank those you know who have sacrificed and served. Happy Veterans Day.

Keith’s Kippo Experience

Keith has supported our company since we launched the Kickstarter campaign in March of 2015. Recently, he bought his sixth pair of Kippo shorts and has officially replaced all of his old gym shorts.

It’s fun to see how the Kippo experience brings a bit of joy to people we admire so much. Before Kippo, Keith didn’t really run with his phone.  Now, he brings his phone with him so he can log and track his workouts and even runs during professional baseball games because he can listen on his phone without missing anything. He also travels a lot and says he can now just throw his phone in his Kippo pocket and an ID and credit card in the other and head out of his hotel.


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